IAS interview questions from prev. years
Why did you choose Geography and Public Admn as optionals instead of your subject in graduation?
How can your experience as an engineer help you in your career as a civil servant?
You seem to love your current job. Why do you want to leave it for the civil service?
(The candidate, at the time of the interview, has a very good, high-paying and interesting job)
What is the retirement age of the Army General? Tenure of service chiefs? Army rank hierarchy?
(The candidate's father is, at the time of the interview, an officer with Indian Army)
What is Judicial activism...examples..impact on legislative branch..how it can be handled..
What lessons can India learn from the Fukushima disaster?
If you were to ask us (interview board) one question, what would it be?
Indian police need image make-over? What plagues Indian police.. what reforms are needed...
What is MGNREGA? Its background, effectiveness, shortcomings, how to improve it....
How are India's bilateral ties with Bangladesh? Did they improve recently or deteriorated?
What are tax havens? Name some of them? How Indian govt can deal with them?
What are Parliamentary Committees? How do they work? When do they work?
What is UN resolution on Jammu and Kashmir? What are the causes for J & K unrest?
What is NDM-1(superbug)..why is it controvercial? What are the causes? Its projected imapct ...
What is phishing? How to deal with it? Laws for cyber crimes..? Privacy on the net..
What are the major differences between animals and plants?
(The candidate was with 'Indian Forest Service' at the time of the interview)
When is the World Forestry Day?
(The candidate was with 'Indian Forest Service' at the time of the interview)
What were the earlier names of Commonwealth Games?
(This question was asked in 2010, the year in which India hosted Commonwealth Games)
What is the length of the Olympic marathon race?
(The candidate was a running champion)
When was the Ministry of Environment and Forests created?
(The candidate was with 'Indian Forest Service' at the time of the interview)
Why was Nanded in news recently?
(The candidate was from Nanded, Maharastra)
Where are international forestry institutes located?
(The candidate was with 'Indian Forest Service' at the time of the interview)
Low productivity is one of the problems plaguing Indian agriculture. How would you solve it?
(The candidate is from Bihar)
What are the main problems of farmers in Bihar and how government/NGOs can solve them?
(The candidate is from Bihar)
What is ICFRE?
(The candidate was with 'Indian Forest Service' at the time of the interview)
Why and when did Aurangazeb built 'Bibi ka Maqbara?
(The candidate is from Aurangabad and 'Bibi ka Maqbara' is in Aurangabad)
What are the reasons for high IMR and MMR in India? How Indian govt/NGOs can address it?
(The candidate is a medical doctor and its about Infant/Maternal Mortality Rates)
How many Jyothirlingas are there in Marathwada region?
(The candidate is from Marathwada region)
As a district collector, how would you empower women in your district?
(The candidate is a lady)
Suggest one innovative solution to increase forest cover in Uttar Pradesh?
(The candidate is from Uttar Pradesh)
Name some books that you have read recently and what is the best book you've ever read?
(The candidate has mentioned 'reading' as his hobby in his form)
What is RTI? Its impact on governance, bureaucracy? Deaths of RTI activists/solutions/drawbacks..
What is the historical, politicaL and cultural significance of Pune?
(The candidate had part of his education in Pune)
What is the team size in Volleyball? What are the dimensions of an Olympic Volleyball court?
(The candidate listed Volleyball as his hobby in the Mains form)
What is Lokpal bill? How it can be effective? Why current laws failed to rein in corruption....
What is GPS? How it works? Can it be useful in crime fighting? privacy issues of GPS...
How is volleyball different from beach volleyball? When was beach volleyball included in Olympics?
(The candidate listed volleyball is his hobby in the Mains form)
What is your favourite topic in Geography? Why?
(Geography is the candidates optional subject)
What service you did for the society till now? Did you do any community service or social work?
(The candidate mentioned that he chose civil service because he wants to serve the society)
Who is Anna Hazare? His demands... feasibility...impact on society in general..politics in particular..
Election reforms in India..practicality of right to recall.. none of the above option..EC structure...
What is the status of Tibet? What is the administration/provincial structure in China?
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